Lavender Bath Salt Soak

Lavish Soap Company

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Relax after a long day with our soothing, therapeutic, Lavender Bath Salts. Grab a glass of wine or a book while you soak with non-toxic, therapeutic, wholesome, and pure ingredients. Bathe in the soothing aroma of pure lavender essential oil and lavender buds as your body takes in all the goodness. This bath soak will make your skin feel as soft as ever and leave you feeling refreshed and ready for whatever life brings your way.

*Use only one scoop or up to two scoops per bath. Soak for at least 15 minutes to enjoy all the benefits.

Epsom salts provide minerals for your skin & body, release toxins, ease tight muscles, loosen stiff joins, soothe skin irritation, & much more.

Comes in a recycle-friendly glass container to preserve and maintain freshness.

Nt Wt 16oz