Organic Cocoa Shower Lotion Bar

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Organic Cocoa Shower Lotion Bar


Quickly moisturize and nourish your skin after a shower with our organic cocoa shower lotion. It contains organic cocoa and shea butters which are rich in vitamins A (promotes skin cell production) and E (blocks free radicals which reduces wrinkles and maintains youthful-looking skin). When shea butter and cocoa butter are combined they make a fat perfect for healing stretch marks and tightening the skin. It is great  for pregnancy, psoriasis, eczema, sunburns, itchy and irritated skin, and many other skin issues. Experience healthy, glowing skin that lasts all day. This bar is 100% organic and has a natural cocoa scent (no fragrances added).

•Shower: After soaping and rinsing in the shower, massage bar over warm, wet skin. Rinse and/or pat dry.
•Bath: Shave off a piece of the lotion bar and place in bathtub and let melt. 
•Moisturizer: Rub on dry areas of skin throughout the day.

MELT WARNING: This product is designed to melt upon skin contact and may therefore melt in transit in the summer heat. If melting occurs place in freezer for an hour or two or until hardened. Placing in sunlight or heat will cause bar to melt. Store in cool, dry place.

Warning: Be careful when getting out of the shower or bath after use as your feet may be slippery.

Because these are handmade, weight may vary slightly but will never be under the specified weight.